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A health company dedicated to making an impact by empowering you. We will provide helpful knowledge and create practical steps that can improve your daily life, one step at a time.

Seek Growth.

Simplify The Action Steps. 

Build Confidence. 

Listen to their podcast, Ivy Unleashed, follow them on Instragram, subscribe to their newsletter, get amazing coaching. 

If you are looking for the Model Calendar Tool from Episode "Organize your life", click here! 


Our makers are a community of Minnesota artisans who share common interests, resources, knowledge, skills and who support each other. We strive to create lasting relationships that bring good people, small businesses and communities together and help support one another. We love all our makers and the strong community we have built.


We believe in keeping your friends close and your farmers closer. We also believe that by changing a small part of your food consumption, you can make a large impact on your community.

The majority of our foods are locally-sourced (made in Minnesota). 

We also focus on sourcing from ethically-minded companies who are aware of the social and environmental impact their products create and work towards making a positive impact in the world.

We want to simplify shopping local and provide a space with a wide array of products. 


Expect More. Live Better. 

Experts in pediatric, prenatal, family, and wellness chiropractic care.

Did you know that chiropractic care can do more for you than relieve pain? Rather than focusing on discomfort, our chiropractic team members are experts in your nervous system. This vital system can be thought of as the electrical panel in the body, and when it’s healthy, everything else can be “on,” too. When any pressure is removed from the nervous system, you can function at an optimal level. We want to be a source of knowledge for you to take advantage of. At each of your visits, it’s our goal to ensure that you walk out a better version of yourself than when you arrived.


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