Want to get a good idea of what Please & Thank You has to offer, or share it with others?

Try our Sampler Pack - you'll receive: 

  • A variety pack (one of each main bars)
  • 8oz bag of Yes, Please granola
  • 4oz jar of Kindness peanut butter. 


The Variety Pack has one of each of our main bars (4, 2oz bars total):

  • Golden Rule: Coconut | Chocolate | White Chocolate (GF)
  • Sharing is Caring: Coconut | Dried Cranberries | Almonds (GF)
  • Pardon Me: Chocolate | Dried Cranberries (GF)
  • You’re Welcome: Apple | Pumpkin | Dates | Butterscotch (GF, Nut-Free)


The granola - perfect for yogurt, snacking and topping your favorite ice cream. 

  • Coconut | Dried Cranberries | Chocolate 


The peanut butter - we make the nut butters in our granola bars and granola because it's really important that we share with you products that are made with whole ingredients without all the additives. One of these nut butters is our Kindness Peanut Butter. Super smooth, slightly sweet, well balanced and perfect for all your PB needs!

Sampler Pack

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$21.00Sale Price